Cancer 101

Cancer 101 is a series of blog entries that serve to educate patients, family members, and other interested parties on select topics that are crucial to understanding the biology and treatment of cancer. While this information is widely available on the internet, Cancer 101 is meant to provide information that is clear, accurate and understandable without significant scientific background.

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  • Susan Livaudais
    After my husband died of a brain stem glioma, I "kicked myself" for all the things I didn't do that might have made a difference in his treatment. I wish so much that I had followed my instincts. For instance, my instincts told me to get information so I went to the library and checked out a big stack of newer looking books on cancer. For some reason I didn't read them. I mention this act of omission and procrastination(?) /avoidance(?)/ fear, because I also wished that my husband's medical team had hooked us up with a cancer 101 class if such a thing exists. If not it should. Your title "Cancer 101" caught my attention. I hope it helps all those affected by cancer have the information they need.

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