Sunrise Rounds

Sunrise Rounds provide a doctor’s prospective on the practice of medicine, the process of coping with disease, guidance for improved health, and other general guidance gathered through my life as a medical oncologist. I welcome you to experience this process with me, and learn from those whose lives have intersected my own.

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  • Jacqueline Davis
    Thank you for showing emotion. My daughter's oncologist especially the surgeon seemed so indifferent. Maybe because my daughter was only 30 and would be dead in a year. But she saw GBM every day, I did not. This was MY BABY, she was the star of her soccer team, ten years later she couldn't walk. Why? How did this kill my beautiful baby girl. How does a mother go on when one must sit and watch her girl die for months. I don't want to go on. I see her die every day.

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