Beach Brat Bully

Nags Head, NC   July 13, 2012 10:37am

Therefore, I am perambulating down the beach gushing forth astute and intellectual conversation. My apostle is of course deeply absorbed in my brilliant oration.  Forget waves, sun, scolding gulls or pathetic yellowed sand.  I am above all, solving the problems not only of the Earth but of the Cosmos.  I am Atlas astride the ocean front world!

I march by an insignificant uninspired barely bathing suited two-year-old boy.   Puny perfection.  Obviously inspired by my greatness he looks up from his worthless digging.   His fists clenched tight, his Lilliputian face focused in awe.  Respectfully and carefully…patiently…. with concentration and precision … with both hands … he… throws sand all over me.

When I was an insignificant scrawny pale waterfront weakling, muscled bronzed beach behemoths kicked sand in my face and walked away with my imaginary blond bombshell babe. Then, I no doubt deserved it.   Now, this microscopic speck of a child anoints me with handfuls of beach dirt?  Does he not know who I am, and what I represent?  I am Numero Uno!  I am the apogee of manhood.  I am the highlight of his day!

I turn in wrath and focused fury.  This tiny tot will tremble!  I tower above, emitting power. However, the wet waif does not show fear, embarrassment, or even the slightest confusion.  What to my horror, do I see?  Pure satisfaction!  He has achieved his goal and I have been derailed from mine.

I am certain that my ever-loyal companion would rush to help, but she seems to have collapsed, sobbing in laughter. The moppet’s father turns to berate his charge, but the gentle  “now don’t throw sand at the poor man” is undermined by a broad smile.  I am undone. There will be no justice. 28 pounds of insignificant sprout wields 3 ounces of sand and I plummet from my exalted perch.

Nevertheless, in the moment of unseating, I make a discovery.   I notice that I am on a stunning beach.  Dark green sea breaks on micro shelled sand that changes patterns with each wave.  There is brilliant sun against an infinite blue sky.  Pelican trains rush inches over the waves.  The gulls do not scold, but invite.  They say,  “Leave the world behind. Live for this moment.  Here, now, you have everything. “

As I brush off, I am reminded we are just human.  Flesh and bone, maybe a few grains of sand.  Only as special as this day.  We have the present.  Tomorrow will not come.  We must bath deeply in today’s world.

So, go take a walk on the beach or a summer’s hike in the woods. Wade barefoot in the surf or swim in a cold mountain lake.  Soak your soul in Nature’s power and glory.  Live for the moment.  And by all means get out of the way before the little bully can pick up more sand!



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