Cycle of Life Relay







We walk to be together.

We walk to recall loss.

We walk toward a cured tomorrow.

We walk to never lose hope.


A march of the living.

A march of the dead.

A march to heal.

A march to mourn.


We journey in groups.

Some relay alone.

Still we are one.

Filling gaps in the line.


In circle all are in front.

In circle all follow.

No one commands the relay.

It is the whole of us.


On the portage field we are family,

Difference repose gently aside.

One goal, one dream, one hope.

Fettered by pain, we all cried.


We are punished for our love.

Is it fault or shame?

Do we remain cherished children?

Perhaps the stars’ spin.


We miss those that have passed.

We weep and maybe laugh.

Is it wrong to feel relief?

Their suffering having past.


Lighted sacks line oval parade.

Pale models of cherished loss.

Heated heart and joyous face.

Soul mirrors left behind.


Why do the old pace so slow?

The children still have faith.

They run and dance and sing.

Hearts of joy are not yet lost.


Blood pumps round the circuit.

The sun ascends and declines.

We ride the wheel of seasons.

Universe orbits the divine.


The cycle will not end.

Loves’ gift to all that follow.

Time when we no longer walk.


Then Cancer’s curse tolls hollow.



In honor of the participants in the 2012 Relay for Life, ACS


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  • cindy cedrone
    this was my first time at this event. It was very inspiring.My granddaughter Hailey 4years old walked the survivor lap with me.Doesn't get any better then that.Amazing experience!!!

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