Sand water slips through gnarled fingers.

On perfect tiny toes, a small castle rises.

No windows or doors, the frail construction covers pure skin, runs up shin, touches knee.

In the seashore heat, it would dry.

There is no time.

The sea washes all away.

The foot is clean, as in the beginning.

He laughs.

The wave recedes, we create, again.


  • A capturing of innocence and experience I particularly enjoyed the image of the timeless grains of sand trickling one on top of the other to create their castle...that makes laughter.
  • Bridget
    A very calming meditation on life, yours and your next generation, but also on the people you help. Poetry was a new-found relaxation when I was going through cancer treatmentI could focus on short work and precise images. Thanks for bringing forward a sense of renewal.
  • meyati
    Sweet and deep
  • Nice
  • jill
    Lovely! I just found out it's already invaded everything..no wonder all these headaches and leg problemos! Not bad poem for a DR.! :)

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